A project to introduce and bring to your table tasty, fresh, quality and highly addictive Nepalese momo. 

Momos are Nepal's favourite snack food. However, most momos you will find in the Kathmandu valley are influenced by local palates with a great number of spices.

Our momo combines some unique flavours particularly from the Eastern Himalayas region of Nepal. They are freshly made, juicy and bursting with flavour, made from the freshest local produce with a focus on clean ingredients following the highest standard of hygiene. We want to make our momos your best choice when it comes to comfort food! 


The main star that really brings together the momo experience is our freshly made Timur Tomato Achar which comes with every meal, so make sure to pour all of it on top of the momos before enjoying them! 'Achar' is Nepalese word meaning a condiment similar to sauce or, chutney. Our achar is made with a traditional recipe using native Nepalese Timur Peppers and highly flavourful Dalle chilli grown in the high altitudes of Nepal.


our momos

pork momo 

Made with local free-range ground pork mixed with red onion, ginger and coriander.


Served with freshly made Timur Tomato Achar from the highly flavourful Nepalese Dalle chilli, Timur pepper, roasted tomatoes (hot/mild).

vegie momo

Suitable for vegans, made with fresh local tofu and seasonal veggies mixed with our house-made spices.


Served with freshly made Timur Tomato Achar from the highly flavourful Nepalese Dalle chilli, Timur pepper, roasted tomatoes (hot/mild).


how to

Our momo meal kits are delivered as frozen, vacuum-sealed in freshness! (PLEASE STORE YOUR MOMO PACKS IN FREEZER ALL-TIME)

Steam momos on boiling water for approx. 9 minutes directly out of the frozen pack. (DO NOT DEFROST)

Alternatively, pan-fry for approx 8 minutes.

Refrigerate achar if consuming within 3 days. Can be defrosted in the microwave for 3 minutes if frozen.

Pour Timur Tomato Achar over the momos and enjoy!

steam (recommended)


  • Bring water to the boil in a pot

  • Place a steamer on top of the pot

  • lightly brush some oil on the steamer so the momos do not stick. You can also use parchment paper with lots of tiny holes or cabbage leaf

  • Place the momos in the steamer - no need to defrost

  • Cover the steamer with a lid for approx 9 minutes or its fully cooked

  • Pour 'achar' over your momos and enjoy!

  • Oil pan approx 1 tbsp on a medium heat

  • Place the momos in pan - no need to defrost

  • Pour in water to 1/3 level of the momos

  • Cover pan with lid

  • Cook for 8 minutes or, until water evaporates and momos are golden-brown on the underside

  • Pour 'achar' over your momos and enjoy!


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